The benefits of therapeutic massage are not a recent discovery. Its value is recognized throughout the world and many cultures have practised it for centuries.

A calm and relaxed body can bring about changes beyond the purely physical. Although the effects of a therapeutic massage are often dramatic in terms of relief of pain or tension, many clients also notice general changes in the way they cope with the stresses and strains of modern life. A relaxed body allows the the mind to come to rest and take stock of the activity we surround ourselves with. In turn, a calm mind can be instrumental in fighting off physical ailments.

Therapeutic massage can help bring about

  • relaxation and heightened body awareness
  • relief of chronic stress and pain
  • relief of muscle spasms, soreness and fatigue
  • improved posture, flexibility and movement
  • improved circulation
  • relief of discomfort during pregnancy
  • strengthening of the immune function
  • general, all-round feelings of well-being

Massage services are covered by most private insurance companies. Check with your provider as you may need a Doctor’s referral/prescription.

Massage Therapists at Kachina include

  • Kelly Beale, RMT, Phone: 902-488-1074
  • Julie Berkowitz, RMT of In Touch Massage Therapy, Phone 902-423-4407
  • Danielle Bezaire, RMT, Somatics Practitioner of Halifax Somatics, Phone: 902-877-2456
  • Jane Holden, RN, B.AC., RMT, Phone: 902-455-2220 ext. 1
  • Georgia Schurman, RMT, Phone: 902-802-4258