Our Counselors have many years experience working with individuals, couples and families to help them deal with difficulties, and improve their ability to enjoy and engage in their lives.

Counseling has long been recognized as invaluable tool to assist people to clarify their issues, gain insight into their feelings and thoughts and develop an effective ways to deal with the difficulties they are facing.

The counseling process is a collaborative one, where the counselor acts as a guide helping the client to determine their goals for change and growth.
Counseling can also help you deal with stressful events in your life and teach you ways of coping with those things that you cannot change.

    Our Counselors have varied backgrounds and areas of expertise, including:

  • Play and Art Therapies, for children and youth
  • Individual Psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, illness , loss and grief may include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Understanding and dealing with the impact of trauma and abuse
  • Managing family care provider roles and responsibilities
  • Stress management and goal development
  • Couples therapy, to assist in developing positive communication and respect
  • Family Therapy, to help families deal with issues that are negatively impacting their interrelationships and communication, and assist them to build healthier relationships and expectations

Counsellors at Kachina include

  • Karen Llewellyn, M.Ed., NSRPC, CCC., Phone: 902-455-2220 ext.2